Northwestern Women's Leadership Coalition


Exam Tips from the WLC Board

Exams are just around the corner, and for 1Ls it will be a brand-new experience. Getting ready for your first law school exams can be tough, so here are some helpful tips from the WLC Board on preparing for December!

 “Take as many practice exams as you can and review them with a small group of people. Reviewing exams with a big group gets stressful and unproductive because people start fighting about the right answers and waste time.” — Anastasiya, Community Development

“The more you work with the material - the better you will know it. You should constantly be adjusting your outline as you take practice exams and learn new rules/new situations in which they might apply.” — Mary Fay, Symposium

“Take multiple practice exams in groups and share answers with a group. Discuss sample questions with your professor at least once a week in office hours.” — Devonna, Symposium

“Taking practice tests was what really made the difference for me. I formed a study group at the tail-end of the semester—we took practice tests together and then discussed the issues. However, be aware that you don’t want to tire yourself out. As an alternative to a full 3 or 4 hour practice test, we would pick one question and give ourselves about 45 minutes to outline/issue spot. This was still incredibly helpful and prevents burnout (especially the day or two before the exam)!” — Kathleen, Vice President

“Practice exams are like gold! Make sure to do the practice exams from your professor and take them seriously. Also, memorize what you can, especially claims with straight-forward elements.” — Christine, Membership

“WEAR EAR PLUGS - I love them. If you’re going to use them in the test, make sure you practice wearing them. They can be tricky.” — Mari, President

“Make use of all the practice exams your professor gives you. They are the best metric to predict how you'll do on the final. When you do take practice exams, try to stimulate exam conditions as much as possible. For example: if you plan on using ear plugs during the exam, take practice tests with them on.” — Sadaf, Membership

“Don't waste time formatting your outline to make it pretty (guilty); just make sure it's clear, correct and easy to follow! Also be sure to update your outlines after learning from your practice exam mistakes.” — Katie, Treasurer

 “Make a study schedule and stick to it! Also make sure to build in time for working out, socializing and, most importantly, sleeping. Download a timing app on your computer so that you have a countdown right on your screen. Much easier than trying to figure it out on the classroom clock! I used a free app called ‘Be Focused’.” — Kara, Communications

Good luck to everyone!

Samantha Fidler