Northwestern Women's Leadership Coalition


Networking Tips from the WLC Board

“My advice is to always be yourself. As cheesy as it sounds. When talking with attorneys, I just tried to remember I was having a conversation and not an interview. Since I was new to Chicago, I used it as an opportunity to ask them of their favorite things about Chicago, like where to brunch, different neighborhoods, etc. It helped take off the pressure and make me feel comfortable.” — Mari, President

“My networking tip is don’t be scared to actually follow up. I remember I went to one networking event and then reached out to someone I had talked to for a coffee chat, and she told me she was really impressed that I reached out and put in a good word for me with legal recruiting. I got a huge benefit and all I had to do was send out an email.” — Anastasiya, Community Development 

“Just be yourself in the process and have genuine conversations. Think about what employers are looking for and find anecdotes that demonstrate those skills.”— Mary Fay, Symposium

“My tip is that it often helps to include another person in the conversation at these large networking events so that way if there’s a lull then that person can help keep it going!” — Abigail, Alumnae Relations 

“When following up with attorneys after the event, always try to mention a specific thing you talked about so the attorney can remember you!” — Elizabeth, Professional Development

“I've learned that with lawyers, business casual is much closer to business. I haven't been to a single networking event in law school where a suit would not be appropriate. When in doubt, just wear a suit!” Valerie, Community Development

“Making connections doesn’t have to be the only goal. Just learning about different types of jobs and markets available to young attorneys can be really helpful in deciding the direction of your career.” — Kara, Communications

Samantha Fidler