Northwestern Women's Leadership Coalition


Many Women: One Profession

The Women's Leadership Coalition's programming for the 2017-2018 year is dedicated to exploring the many facets of those who make up our legal profession. We work in many sectors - private law firms, non-profits, government agencies - but in one legal profession. We bring different personal identities defined by our personal lives, racial and ethnic backgrounds, hobbies and religions as we practice side by side. We each hold many different professional goals - excelling at a law firm, contributing to the greater good, maintaining work-life balance - as we work with one another.

This theme was inspired by the motto of the United States, "e pluribus unum," translated as "out of many, one." Our country is composed of many states, yet united as a single nation. The WLC celebrates our profession, composed of many distinct, individual women, yet united together as lawyers. 

This diversity provides opportunity for challenge and growth. The WLC works to establish a network of individuals invested in women’s professional development and provides events that allow our members to learn and grow. We invite all Northwestern Law students to become members of the WLC this year and learn from the female voices featured in our programming.


Samantha Fidler